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The outstanding advantage of steel structure building in optimizing building space

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Update time : 2022-08-09 17:02:52

In the process of steel structure installation, the details need to be paid attention to. Steel structure buildings have outstanding advantages in optimizing the building space. The internal use area of the building increases, and the load-bearing wall shear wall structure is less. Based on the perspective of building users, the interior space of the building can be optimized by combining their own interests and hobbies. At the same time, during the decoration period, can give the drainage pipe, line pipe buried in the wall, on the one hand, will not affect the stability and security of the building structure; On the other hand, it enhances the aesthetic effect of the building and meets the increasing material needs and spiritual needs of modern people.

The construction materials of steel structure buildings are mainly light construction materials. In the aspect of building load-bearing walls, the selected materials are mainly thin-walled steel tubes and hot-rolled steel of models. This material is characterized by light weight and uniform cross section stress. Because of this, the steel frame structure plays the advantage of building materials, reducing the weight on the whole, and the characteristics of building materials, such as high strength, high plasticity and high ductility, are vividly reflected in the building, effectively improving the stability, quality and seismic effect of the building.

The whole process of prefabricated building operation can reflect the concept of environmental protection and energy saving. The construction materials are mainly prefabricated parts processed by the processing plant. The site construction is only installed in strict accordance with the construction drawings. On the one hand, the site pollution is reduced, such as noise pollution, dust pollution, water pollution, construction waste pollution, etc. On the other hand, compared with the brick-concrete structure, the operation of the prefabricated steel structure is simpler and more convenient in the late transformation and maintenance, and the construction waste can be recycled for a second time. In a real sense, the concept of environmental protection and energy saving is implemented, which is helpful to promote the sustainable development of the construction industry.

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