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The significance of steel surface treatment

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Update time : 2022-08-11 11:47:04

Fire protection purposes, is in its surface with a layer or heat insulation materials and isolation flame burning steel structure directly, prevent quantity of heat quickly to the steel base material, steel structure temperature delay time, make it meet the requirements of fireproof limit stipulated in the codes, for safe evacuation and fire extinguishing, avoid and reduce the fire loss.

Hot rolled steel for steel structure produces a uniform layer of oxide sheet on the surface after heat treatment during rolling. In the process of steel self-storage and transportation, the steel structure engineering rusts due to atmospheric corrosion; In the process of steel processing, welding slag is often produced on the steel surface. Burr. Oil pollution and other pollutants. These iron oxide, rust and contaminants, if not carefully removed, will affect the adhesion of the coating and the service life of the coating. Practice has proved that steel surface rust removal before coating. The quality of the decontamination steel structure seriously affects the quality of the coating project, and its influence degree accounts for about half of the factors.

The surface treatment of steel and steel components shall be carried out in strict accordance with the rust removal method specified in the design and reach the prescribed rust removal grade. The components and products of steel structure processing shall be processed after receiving qualified experience. A burr on the surface of steel. Electric solder skin. Solder nodules. Spatter. Dust. Oil. Contaminants such as acid, alkali and salt should be removed. Steel structure features for maintenance paint, can be handled according to the specific situation, general two-component curing maintenance paint, such as coating intact, available emery cloth. Steel wool wool, after cleaning, can be directly coated with primer; However, if the layer is damaged, it will affect the adhesion of the next paint, so it must all be removed.

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